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Monday, November 25, 2013

What we WOULD have worn IF we had gone to school today - Week of Thanksgiving - Day 6

Well, we had a beautiful dress to wear today, but Friday night around midnight - the throwing up started and then after a night of that, the fever started. Then, the fever hung around. We haven't had a fever today, but we decided it would be for the best for her to stay home today especially since we want her well for our Thanksgiving dinners with our families.

We had the privilege to test an upcoming pattern from Juvie Moon This gorgeous dress is the Laura Beth. It has gorgeous contrast bands and even instructions to make a cute yoyo accessory flower. This is going to be another awesome pattern from Linda and Juvie Moon. You will have to excuse the pictures. They were the best we could do with a fever. She was a trooper to get it tried on. I am hoping she will be able to wear it for Thanksgiving.

I present, my poor sick baby girl and the gorgeous Juvie Moon Laura Beth in a size 12.

This is what she actually looked like today.

We are getting new carpet downstairs today, so she brought blankets and pillows upstairs to my sewing room with me and made a pallet. I have had a ton of Good Luck, Charlie and Dog with a Blog today. She seems to be feeling better, so I am crossing fingers she can make it to the Grandparents Day program tomorrow.

OH and we might get FLURRIES on Wednesday. Yes, that excites us. We don't get flurries around here very often.

What am I thankful today for? I am thankful for the sewing skill I have been able to develop over the last several years. I am grateful thank my husband signed me up for a sewing class and supported me as I got my sewing certificate. I am thankful that we have been able to get great machines for me to use in my craft. I am thankful for my wonderful teachers like Sue Simoncini and all of the great instructors at Martha Pullen's School of Art Fashion that I am privileged to say are my friends. And it has brought me here to you, to share my gift. AND I am sharing it with my own daughter to hopefully continue the legacy of this wonderful skill.

Hope you had a great weekend. What are you getting ready to cook for Thursday. I make a pretty good green bean casserole and the hubs is making a ton o cheese macaroni! Hope to see you next time!

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