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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving - Day 4

Wow! This week has flown by. I have loved bringing you this week of Thanksgiving inspired clothes and some of the things I am most thankful for. Today's outfit has dual meaning. I absolutely love this pattern makers designs AND she is one of the most awesome folks you could meet.

Let me introduce you to Astrid from SIG Creations. I have featured some of Astrid's patterns earlier in the school year. She is always trying to think of how to include the tween in her patterns. I first met Astrid as one of her pattern testers for the SIG Poppy (

This is one of my tester pictures that was used in the pattern. It is an awesome pattern and you really should add it to your collection for summer (or for my Aussie readers - now!)

Now, let's talk about Astrid herself. She is the mom of, get this, TRIPLETS. AND she designs patterns AND she makes custom boutique clothes. You can see all of the SIG patterns here She also sells her custom clothes here But what really sets Astrid apart is Astrid. She is hands down one of the sweetest, genuine people I have met since starting this path. When I broke my shoulder, she was emailing me often asking how I was doing and checking in on me. Some of my "In real life" friends didn't even do that. She was always encouraging every time we "talked" on facebook. Astrid is also a Beachbody coach and once I get the okay on my shoulder to start full exercising again - I am joining back on her encouragement groups. She definitely practices what she preaches, too. I mean, check her out 

I mean, welcome to the gun show, right? This picture was featured in the Cy-Fair magazine. She is a gorgeous person, inside and out! If you ever need weight loss/body training encouragement, this is her Beachbody site I am going to get the T-25 program and the home Body Pump as soon as my 5lb weight restriction is lifted. And with her as a friend and role model, I am excited about getting back on the wagon.

We were talking about clothes, right? Well, Astrid designed the two pieces from today's Thanksgiving inspired outfit. The top is the Delaney which can be found here and this is the pattern picture 

The pants are Lillie Bell Mega Ruffle which can be found here and this is the pattern picture 

You can already see this is going to be cute. And how versatile are these patterns. You can use them for Thanksgiving next week, Christmas next month and on and on!

Here are the Delaney top and Lillie Bell Mega Ruffle Pants from SIG Creations:

You can make the dress shorter, but I liked this look for fall. I big fluffy heart the back of the dress - it is gorgeous! And it is a super fast sew. The pants were also quick to put together. We were stopped again this afternoon while we were out with people complimenting her. 

So, there you have it - a full school week of Thanksgiving clothes to inspire you. She gets to wear her school tshirt and jeans tomorrow. BUT in case you are an on the fence sewing person, I will have another inspiration on Monday. Tuesday is Grandparents Day for us and she will be wearing the clothes for her presentation. However, while we are on break, I hope to be able to bring you at least one fun tutorial to get you ready for handmade gift giving! And if you make something for your child to wear (or you) for Thanksgiving - post a link below - I would love to see it!

Today's what I'm thankful for:
Today I am thankful for my parents. I am blessed to be in my upper mid 30s and still have both of my parents. I have lost all of my grandparents already, unfortunately. But, my mom and dad live about 15 minutes from us. We eat dinner with them once a week and I talk to them on the phone at least once a day. They have been a huge part of the kids lives. They have been married for 51 years. I am very grateful to have them and I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving dinner with them and my brother and his family.


  1. You are amazing!!! That is all I can say & I am honored to know you. Gorgeous outfit!

    1. Thank you for all you do inspiring us physically and mentally! I hope you have a blessed holiday season! And I just ordered our T25 and Pump so look out come January! :)