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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Because everybody loves a good donut!

When have you ever driven by that bright red sign lit up at the Krispy Kreme and not have a little bit of a watery mouth? Well, maybe you have, but I sure haven't. Biting into those rich, sweet, fried circles of goodness is pretty close to salivary heaven. So, of course, when she saw the shirt that is the focus of tonight's outfit, it was a given that she would get it. I decided to do one of my quick upcycles on it. I cut it off right below the graphic and measured out two circle skirt layers, serged them on, rolled hemmed the edges, and voila! Super sweet donut dress!

You don't always have to pick the most complicated patterns to have positive results. Her friends at school loved this, it was super twirly and frankly just kind of fun. And, you can have this done in less than half an hour. And, she ate a donut this morning, so it was all worth it :)

I hope you all had a great day! Its Wednesday, the week is just flying by. I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see another fun sew! Have a wonderful night!

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