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Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's sew easy you can do it with one hand!

Of course it would figure that I was expected to do a pattern test when I had my accident. I always try to make my commitments when I agree to pattern test because I know how much our dear designers rely on the feedback and final measurements they get from pattern testers. So, I bit the bullet and got it done. I had to get my husband to cut for me, but I was able to get it finished. The hardest part is gathering. It really tires my arm out. I still have use of my left hand, I just can't raise it above my belly.

This gorgeous skirt pattern is an upcoming release from the Tie Dye Diva. It is called The Sugarplum skirt and it will be amazing for the upcoming holiday season. Fortunately for me, she was able to wear hers to school today! Go ahead and bookmark this link because you are going to want this skirt. This is the product picture for the pattern

Isn't that pretty! And I love it when a pattern sews up and your finished product looks as pretty as the pattern picture. AND this pattern goes from 6-12 mo to 14!! I say it is a must have with its pretty overskirt and fluffy tulle underskirt. Tie Dye Diva has a winner. Thank you for letting me test this one!

Here are our pictures

I used a beautiful teal dupioni and I love how it turned out. My underskirt was black kona cotton with black tulle.

And here is a shot from the shoot that I just loved

She is such a doll. Today after the Hubs ran with her at cross country, they stopped at the grocery store to pick up some hamburger meat so we could have spaghetti for dinner. She made him get me a Get Well Soon balloon. She explained how she picked this one. Apparently, there were two. One just said Get Well and this one said Get Well Soon. And she wanted me to Get Well SOON. AND there were owls on this one like the owls from the cape that we made her for The Cottage Mama tutorial and she thought I would like that.

If you haven't see the cape tutorial - you can get it for free at The Cottage Mama website here Go check it out and let Lindsay know you stopped by in the comments. And while you are there, check out her blog. It is BEYOND cute and her new book comes out NEXT WEEK!

Such a sweet girl :)

Ohhhhh and Project Runway is on tonight!!

And I will be one arming it this weekend. The next few weeks may not be fancy but they will be (One) Handmade!! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I am really loving the grownup but still a little girl style your daughter is developing. I hope my Sid follows suite. Another great outfit and yes the skirt is fabulous :)

    1. Thank you :) It was a labor of love, but a fun sew.