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Monday, October 21, 2013

Laying it on - with layers!

So, the cooler weather is finally starting to dip low and even west central Georgia is getting chilly. So, in order to wear several of our patterns, we are going to have to layer. Which is fine because there are some amazing base pieces for layering out there.

First, lets talk about weekends. How was yours? Yesterday we had the privilege of going to a cancer fundraiser for Team Kyle that raised money for childhood cancers through the St Baldrick's Foundation ( Several brave people raised money and shaved their heads (guys) or cut off their hair for Locks of Love (gals). There was a silent auction, food sold, face painting, crazy hair and a cake walk. I think they raised a good bit of money for a great cause. One of the organizers lost her son at four to cancer and my heart breaks for them and every other family who has had to deal with cancer and its wrath. My husband lost both of his parents to cancer, so it is a cause very close to my family. But, we had a great time at the fundraiser and my princess ended up with some amazingly cute crazy hair!

Back to our outfit of the day. Today we are back visiting Juvie Moon. I know you probably think I'm a broken record, but her patterns are so well put together and easy to do, they are a must for this one armed bandit. On the upside, I go back to the orthopedist a week from today and MAY get out of my sling. How about that?? 

We have two patterns that we used today. First, our base piece which literally could probably be done from cut to final stitch in about an hour even in the bigger girls sizes. This pattern is the Lulu and it is a peasant that can be done in either a top or a dress. I did the top to layer under todays dress. You can find the pattern here and this is the picture from their website

The dress is the Ellie and can be found here and this is the pattern picture from their website

Today's fabric is still from my Cottage Mama stash. I hopefully will be getting my Cottage Mama book this week! Yay! I can't wait to see all of those delicious patterns and I know the pictures will be amazing because Lindsay has impeccable taste! You can order her book here Look at the fabric from the body of the dress. It is from Tula Pink's Prince Charming line. How stinking cute it this??

So, I present to you today's layered look - The Juvie Moon Lulu Peasant top and Ellie Dress.

And, for the record, I was okay with Dom winning Project Runway last week. She is very talented and has a bright future ahead of her! 

So, come back tomorrow to see what else we have up our sleeves since apparently we have to HAVE sleeves now that it is getting cooler. It is supposed to be 48 as a low here on Thursday. BRRR!!

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