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Monday, October 14, 2013

Please, Sir, Could I Have Some More?? It's a peasant that will have you begging for more!

Okay, so I know I had this teaser that I was going to try to have something to show you this weekend. Fact of the matter is, this weekend knocked me on my tookus. I went from training for a half marathon to only walking around my own house. So, this weekend, we had to take our middle school son about 2.5 hours away to middle south Georgia so he could audition for the Georgia All State Honor Choir. I stood there in a barely air conditioned school for 3 hours to wait for his audition. My head was already screaming at me and my shoulder and back were hurting after he finished. But....I had this fantastic idea that since we were only 40 miles from Perry, GA, that we should go ahead and go to the Georgia National Fair. Now, I <3 going to the Georgia National Fair. I love looking at the sewing exhibits, I love junky fair food, and I love watching my kids have fun on the rides. And, I absolutely adore playing the quarter game with the colors. Spent ten bucks on it, didn't win a thing. Of course, this is the last Saturday of the fair and it is PACKED. We got there at about 3 and left around 8. I was about ready to mainline Motrin by the time we got home. Then, Sunday I slept until 10:30 when my son set off the alarm letting the dogs out. I got up, head still splitting and stayed up until 1:00, when I had to go back to bed again and I slept until 4. Fortunately, I had ONE outfit done for this week. I JUST finished tomorrow's outfit this afternoon. I don't like being behind like this. Sooooo, needless to say, the project I was going to show you has been postponed.

Good news is, I had my 2nd Xray and Dr's appt on Friday and the fracture is healing on its own. The doctor said I have all of my passive motion back which made him happy. I am still in shoulder isolation which sucks. I still can't drive, bathe myself, do anything weight bearing with my left arm, etc. BUT, I have another appointment on the 28th and if the fracture looks good, I should be able to get out of my sling and start weight bearing physical therapy and start moving my arm up and down again (YAY - I will be able to DRIVE!). Being stuck in the house has made me this side of Ca-Ray-Zee! One of my sweet best friends came out today and took me to lunch and took me to some local junk stores. It was fantastic company and I had a great time. Tomorrow the kids have a cross country meet, so the hubs will take me to that.

I did have some bad news. A wonderful man who owned a local general store died yesterday.

We went in his General Store almost every Saturday when we were downtown. He had all kinds of fudge and candies and these fantastic Cherry Cokes that we have become addicted to. He always welcomed us like family. He had a booming voice and a giant personality. The downtown scene won't be the same without him and I am blessed that my family got to know him. RIP Brother :(

On to today's dress, today's pattern is a beautiful peasant style dress with a pieced skirt. It has shirring (again??? YES, its easy and its cute and my left arm doesn't work well so we are going with it :) ) And, we are back to Juvie Moon again. This pattern is the Lis It comes in a girls sz 3mo - 12. It is gorgeous. This is their sample from their website

See, I told you - ridiculously cute. 

Here she is in her size 12 version, still rockin on the fabrics we bought from The Cottage Mama. OHHHH and Lindsay's (The Cottage Mama)  new book is shipping now if anyone wants to order it. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it!

And look at this necklace. It is soooo pretty. I got it last weekend at the Cotton Pickin' Fair at one of the antique booths. <3 it! It went SO well with this dress.

So, that's all for today, friends. Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully, I will keep getting some endurance back and I will eventually stop getting the headaches I am getting by the afternoons that slow me down. I never knew an injury could make you feel so bad! 

And don't forget Thursday is the Project Runway FINALE!!! What team are you on?? My favorite designer Kate was voted off so I am between Dom and Justin. Can't wait to see their runway looks. Still don't understand how Alexandria is still on there???? Wha wha what??


  1. Awww, thanks for sharing about the book! The dress looks beautiful on her......and the fabrics are so pretty together. Great job, girl!!

    1. I can't wait to get it!! I will be stalking my ant infested mailbox all week until it gets here! I am SOOOOO excited for all of the things happening for you! You deserve all of these wonderful blessings. I can't wait to live vicariously through you at Quilt Market. I AM going one day!

  2. Lovely dress. I have a hard time getting my 5th grader to wear things like that though. She is so hard to sew for. I didnt realize you were in Ga. Me too! Newnan. Where are you?

    1. I have some patterns that are more older girlie that she will be wearing, too. Im trying to keep the pretty dresses thing going for as long as she still wants it. I have a lot of knit patterns that are more should I say contemporary tween? We are actually not far from you. We are down outside of Columbus. We have been up to Newnan many times. You have a Charming Charlies and we down here are jealous :) Thank you for coming by!

    2. Im looking forward to seeing all you have to come. Keep on healing and keep up the good work :) My daughter loves Charming Charlies. Fun place to shop. I love how its broken up by color.