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Monday, October 28, 2013

The girl in the hood

Sometimes you get a pattern that is a 100% winner. I mean, you can't blame the girl. She gets a new outfit everyday, so she may be slightly jaded when it comes to beautiful clothes. But, every so often, an outfit comes along that she adores. Those, of course, stay in the closet instead of being donated. Today's pattern is one of those. This pattern is one that I was chosen to pattern test and once I tried it on her to fit test it, she didn't take it off. As a matter of fact, I even loved it so much, I have the adult pattern and made an identical one for myself! I wore it to therapy on Friday and got tons of compliments. My therapist could not believe I made it. Sounds great, right? I mean, what a compliment to a seamstress. Well, hold that thought and we will come back to this must have pattern in a second.

What did you do this weekend? We had a great one. Saturday, we went to our downtown market. While we were there, they had a doggy costume contest and a local tree preservation organization was having a "Climb a tree" event. I honestly had no idea what they were talking about when they advertised it, but here is what it is. There is a HUGE tree in the median of our Broadway. They ran climbing rope all over it and had tethers and let the kids climb all the way up this huge tree for a donation to the organization. So, both kids were all over this. She got about 7 feet or so up and kind of froze. Then, she found the courage to keep movin on up. Our son had no problem going up super high. Here are some pics of this fun event.

I, personally, couldn't have done it. I am so freaked out by heights and look how high they went!

Ok, back to the pattern at hand. I am going to give you the link to both the tween version AND the mom version (and my husband wants one, so I may tweak the adult version to make it man friendly. The tween version is already unisex). So, go buy the pattern, then come back and take a look at how flipping awesome it is.
You need to buy it now because it is on SALE! Originally $8, right now its $6. And you will SO get your moneys worth on this one.
Tween size:
Womens size: (its not on sale right now, but $8.50 is a great price for how many times you will make this one for you!)

So, here we go. One of the most awesomest patterns of the year so far. The Lacy n Lane Hooded tshirt from Greenstyle Creations (and you can like them on Facebook here

AND it has the little thumb holes in the cuffs!! Squeal! It is a super fast sew. Go, get it now, now! You will <3 it! Let me know when you make one, I would love to see your pics!!

AND guess what else. Guess who is out of a sling and starting strength training on their left arm. *This girl*. Yay! I am back to normal-ish. I have about 6 more weeks of therapy, but I can drive again and use my arm and ease back into running. Hip hip hooray! I never thought I would be so happy to take the kids to the dentist tomorrow. Wait, Im not happy about *that* :)

See you wonderful folks tomorrow!!


  1. I'm with you, I couldn't have done it!! I think if my kids see these pictures they will be totally jealous though. What a great idea and the pictures look so cool!! That shirt does look comfy and cozy for fall.

    1. They were disappointed that it was only for one weekend. They wanted to do it again. And this shirt is amazing. My about to be 13 yr old son wants me to make it for him. The tween version comes with the masculine straight option but the adult doesnt. And the adult has more of a scoop neckline. I would have to draft the asymmetry out to a straight cut and raise the neckline, but its doable. I love mine too. I blogged about my second one today. She wanted two :)

  2. LOVE the fabric you used on her hoodie!

    1. Thank you! It was red dot clearance at JoAnns! It is SO soft too.