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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make It Work!

Can you believe this is the Project Runway finale?? Time is FLYING! So, I am watching PR and blogging. Color me multi-tasking. Who are you rooting for?? I think Dom is the best overall in skill and design, but my heartstrings pull for Justin. I think I will be happy with either of them. I just don't want Alexandria to win. She just isn't my aesthetic. These are my favorite looks from Dom and Justin this season.

This was Dom's avant garde jacket. I LOVED it. It was so full of volume but seemed weightless.

These were Justin's look from the pt 1 of the finale. My favorite was the one on the far right. He used TEST TUBES to make the texture. And I just love his back story.

My least favorite look - The Poopy Pant by Alexandria

My who I wish I had made it to the finale - Kate Pankoke. So, in about an hour - we will know who the new Project Runway winner is! Yay!

So, while the designers are "Making it Work", I'll show you MY work from today!

Today I had the privilege of sewing up an upcoming release from Juvie Moon. This is the Madison Cate. It sewed up quickly and was SO cute. (YES, it IS more of Lindsay's fabric :) I'm starting to run low, though, so I need her to have a destash like every other month!)

Juvie Moon patterns can be found here The designer, Linda Greenhill, is amazingly sweet and has designed some super cute patterns that go up to a size 12. You can follow her on Facebook here

Here is the upcoming Madison Cate. Definitely keep an eye out for when she releases this! We had a lot of fun taking these pictures. We got rained out, so had to take the pics inside. I think they are still turned out cute! My goal is not to get into the sewing pickle that I did this week where we were having to take pictures the day of because I was literally making them the day before this time. I have already started for next week and this weekends schedule isn't as packed as last weekend was. 

Hope you enjoyed todays look! Thank you so much for stopping by! See you next time!


  1. Yes the pictures turned out great indoors. What did you use as a backdrop and did you add a light source? I will need to figure out how to take indoor pictures soon because it's getting too chilly out :(

    1. I has to ask my resident photographer (blessed to have it be my husband :) ) and this was his reply:
      "The backdrop is a 10' x 20' white backdrop by Prism. It took three speedlites aimed at various places on the backdrop to cover it completely (I really needed another one)"
      He said if you need any other info, just let me know and he will be happy to help. Thank you for coming by :)