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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keep your pants on!

Pants...Oh where did the golden days of summer go? But, at least if we have to make the transition, we have some cute pants patterns for our tweens to choose from, right? Today we are visiting our friends over at Create Kids Couture I have featured them before because, frankly, between them and Juvie Moon, they are keeping my daughter dressed while I continue to recover from this shoulder blade fracture. Today I am featuring two patterns from Create Kids Couture. One is one of their newly released teen patterns the Bridgette Palazzo Pant and Capri. I LOVED the silhouette of these pants. This is the picture from their pattern. After taking the pics, I did actually hem them up another inch. Definitely try these on before hemming to gauge where they need to fit to not drag the ground. I recommend you try them on with the shoe your girl will be wearing because a heel will impact your hem.

You can find this pattern here and it goes up to a 15/16 which, of course, I find amazing. 

The top....well...ummm...It IS a Create Kids Couture just only goes to a size 8 so I had to upsize it. the moment, you can't BUY it in a tween size. It isn't hard to upsize though. And MAYBE if you want it upsized enough and you let them know either by
email or on their Facebook page they might get it fast tracked. They have it in the girls size AND the adult size, so a tween sizing can't be too far behind. But, if you can't wait to get your grubby hands on it and are brave enough to try upsizing here is the link to the Felicity Simple Peasant Top and here is the picture from their site 

And the fabrics I used tonight are from JOANN! And they are amazing. This is the pant fabric I used It is from the Patty Young line at JoAnn and is the gray texture. It has a denim look but regular woven feel. Here is a picture of the swatch 

The fabric I used for the Felicity peasant top is from the JoAnn Juliana Horner collection. You can see it here and this is the swatch 

The sash and ruffle are also by Juliana Horner and are the bouquet sprout pattern and can be found here  and here is the swatch of the fabric.

So, here is tonight's outfit. Separates from Create Kids Couture with fabric from JoAnn. 

And because this one came out so stinkin cute and I don't give the boy much play on the website, one of the both of them.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you all had a wonderful day and I hope to see you again tomorrow!


  1. Love it! You did so well! And yes, tween is NOT far behind <3

    1. Cant wait. Its an awesome pattern that I have been sizing up for a while now :) Love that you will be offering it in the tween sizes soon! All the best and hope to be seeing you on the Shark Tank. <3 them!