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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Twirling in the flowers

Today's dress is soft, sweet and very girlie and I want to talk to you about a simple way to add individuality to your garments and projects with a technique that isn't very difficult.

First, I present our tshirt dress. Another target tshirt cut off 5" below the underarm with a floral skirt that is 2 rectangles of fabric each measuring waist measurement x 20" long so that the total of the skirt is 2x waist. Then, we have a floral ruffle which is 4 width of fabric strips that are 4" long. The noteworthy item of this dress is the bodice. Don't you just love that graphic. Did the shirt come like that? Nope - we made it that way. And how? A regular old iron on. Wha wha what? Yep. Let me show you pics and then we will talk a little more about that.

The little girl with the bunny was a vintage graphic I found online. You might be saying, yeah I've tried iron ons and they have looked like crap. Okay, that is possible. But, I found some that look pretty awesome. You print out your image on these and then iron them on. This is one is for light colored garments and this one is for darker colors The one for lighter colors feels more natural like the shirt. The darker one does feel a little more like ironed on paper but it looks great. The light colored one you have to reverse your image to print and iron on and the darker one you don't. You can use these for clothes, pillows, and all kinds of fabric projects. It is a really simple way to give things an extra pop. And if you are looking for some really awesome free vintage clip art, you can find it here You can also find them on Etsy, but you will have to pay. Usually they are less than a dollar a file. But, you can have so much fun with this technique. Make one of a kind shirts, do those trendy burlap pillow covers. Your friends will think you are a crafting rock star.

Come back tomorrow for another super cute outfit using this technique and some upcycling! Thank you for stopping by tonight and hope to see you tomorrow!

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