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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yes, this is an early post. The kids got out of school at noon today and we are officially on Fall Break until they go back on Monday. We are pretty lame because we aren't going anywhere. I didn't get clearance to get out of my sling until this past Monday, so we didnt want to book a trip not knowing how my shoulder was going to be. But, down time means I can get some sewing done and they can be lazy!

So, are you all gearing up for tonight? Getting your ghouls and goblins ready? I wanted to share some of our Halloween fun. I actually did make her shirt for today, but since it was last minute, didn't get any pictures of it. I had been on the fence since today was a spirit shirt/blue jean day. But, I finished my pattern test on time and so we went to Goodwill and upcycled a Halloween shirt with some other shirts using Peek a Boo Patterns raglan shirt pattern. It was really cute.

So, first let me tell you about my little celebrity. We entered our local newspaper costume design contest and found out day before yesterday we won!! We had to go to the paper yesterday for pictures and she was on the FRONT PAGE this morning! It was a lot of fun. I designed a wedding dress and my husband made the "lace" for the train and veil. Here are some of the pictures

We were so excited to win and that she made front page news. The bodice I drafted on my PGM sz 12 form. The circle skirt I used a basic circle skirt formula. I just made a BIG piece of "fabric" to cut it from. The "lace work" was cut like you used to cut out snowflakes when you were in school. The bouquet was made from a special edition pink breast cancer Sunday paper and hand rolled into roses. I loved being able to work with my husband on this project. He is a fantastic artist and partner.

Now, I want to share her costume for tonight. She wore it last Saturday to a friends costume party and won the costume contest. It was inspired but, of course, Pinterest (aren't all things?). But, it really relates to us. We are a huge animal rescue family. We have 2 rescue dogs and 5 rescue cats. So, here is my darling Crazy Cat Lady!

I dont know if she will get to wear the robe because it is HOT today. It is about 80 and very high humidity. It's supposed to rain later tonight and tomorrow.

Feel free to post some of your Halloween costumes or outfits below. I would love to check them out!

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend and we will see you back on Monday! Happy Halloween!


  1. You have the most creative family I have ever met.....great job friends.

    1. Thank you :) And thank you for stopping by the blog. Tell your sweet family hello from us!

  2. That newspaper dress is AMAZING! Love the cat lady costume =)