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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

T-Shirt Dress Tuesday

So, I admit - this week is kicking my butt in making my obligatory 4. I'm going to make it, though. I am almost finished with tomorrows outfit. I only have to topstitch a seam, shirr the sleeves and make a sash. Today's dress was a sew and go. I promise you, if you ever need to make something for someone and you have hardly any time to do it - get a pre-existing t-shirt, measure down 4-5" from the armpit, cut it, 2x the waist and whatever length you want and Bam - you have a dress. And I found this adorable burlap rhinestone trim at one of my few excursions out of the house to the Hobby Lobby.

So, here we go. A no pattern, quickie sew t-shirt dress.

I used the Hobby Lobby brand tshirt and it was a little too baggy for my taste, so I made a ribbon sash for it and stitched it on from front side seam to the other front side seam and heat sealed the ends to give it a little more shape. It was quick and easy and done! The ONE Handmade School Year is still a truckin!

Today we had a cross country meet and both kids PRd. He ran it in 19:03 and she ran it in 23. I am very proud of both of them. AND tomorrow is REPORT CARD DAY!!

Can you believe the first nine weeks is over?? So far, I have been able to stick to the challenge even with a fractured scapula. Check back tomorrow to see what grades my two numskulls are bringing home. You get a Krispy Kreme donut for As, so here's to hoping we have a sugar rush tomorrow!

And SPEAKING of Scapulas

The following images may be too graphic for the average blog reader.
Proceed at your own risk.

So, some people have asked, Christie - what exactly did you do to yourself when you fell down that hill? A picture is worth 1000 words - so here you go!

This is my CT scan in 3D. The arrows point out all of the cracks in my shoulder blade. I think for my first bone breaking I did pretty darn well. Do not try this at home!! Broken bones HURT!! And broken shoulder blades mean you can't drive for a while. But, in the meantime there are always online fabric stores. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Now, I have to go finish tomorrow's dress so there is something for you to see! 

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